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Read, Watch and Listen: March 2016

Hello March, Goodbye March. Most of us spend our free time avoiding our idle minds, avoiding the pressure to think, immersing ourselves in other worlds and ideas. In addition to filling our time and inspiring our ambitions, thoughts, motivations and shower singing, the things we choose to consume say a lot about who we are, and even more about who we are right now, providing an easy reason to connect with those around us.

Girl: Uninterrupted

A-Coterie is the answer to the unanswered existential questions that hit you at 4am on a Tuesday morning, or while you stand idly in the queue at the grocery store. A-Coterie longs to fill a void manifested as ennui; a restlessness that seems unfounded yet very real. A-Coterie endeavours to inform without imposing, and pay it forward without preaching. A-Coterie embraces the uncommon wealth of a common experience.