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Day 23: Reset

Driven by kernels of cautious optimism, I make my way to yin practice with Vanessa. Coincidentally, I am reminded of university as I settle in on the mat and Vanessa tell us that today’s practice will be enhanced by mantras which she will share with us as we get into each pose. I’m ready to learn, and take mental notes.

Day 11: Illusions

This class is a level 2, which I note passively when booking it, and then note very actively when practicing it. It’s hard, or the better word, advanced. I am by far the least experienced yogi on the mat that evening, but I am not deterred. It becomes a true test of inward focus, competing only with myself, but even then it’s not a competition.

Day 4: Fight or flight

Restorative yoga is one of those things that can be difficult to justify doing. For one, classes can get expensive, and the effects of the class are not always felt immediately or in the same way you would a flow, or even yin, class. To be fair, to the uninitiated, it can feel like lying around and doing nothing. One could do that for free on one’s couch.