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Little Red Flame

The little red flame beckons you, like a promising rose doomed to wilt, alluring in its symbology and the tacky veneer of potential. The little red flame brightens, and you’re reminded of a moth. Quickly you swat the thought away, and grinning in anticipation, tap the app to life. You look once over your shoulder, twice, then three times. You start to relax.


“How does it feel?” I turned 23 yesterday, and most people who shared their “happy”s on my birthday had the same follow up question for me. And so, it was stuck in my head all day. How does it feel to be twenty-three? What should it feel like? Should I feel something? Does anyone really know?

Girl: Uninterrupted

A-Coterie is the answer to the unanswered existential questions that hit you at 4am on a Tuesday morning, or while you stand idly in the queue at the grocery store. A-Coterie longs to fill a void manifested as ennui; a restlessness that seems unfounded yet very real. A-Coterie endeavours to inform without imposing, and pay it forward without preaching. A-Coterie embraces the uncommon wealth of a common experience.