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Modern Therapy

I have a therapist. I see her once a week. I used to see her twice a week, but things got busy, and it got expensive, and I got broke. So now I see her every Tuesday for an hour. She gladly tells me the things I don’t want to hear, gleefully ignores my pleas for reassurance that I’m doing the right thing when in fact I clearly am not, and nudges me towards life’s great epiphanies in ways only a true professional can. She also encourages me to embark on paths to change, and to challenge myself to do better, because I know better, and I can be better. My therapist is unconventional. There’s no sugar-coating nor treading carefully. There are no white lies, and no elephants in the room. There is honesty and directness and unambiguity and it’s perfect. My therapy sessions are everything I know I need but haven’t had the vocabulary to seek out. However Charlie is not a therapist. Not by training nor by profession at least. She is in …

Guilty Displeasures

The Missed Call It’s Sunday, and I’m on the last sip of my morning coffee. I even ate a banana, packing in my potassium for the day. My phone rings. (“The worst sound in the world” I think). But you are a nice person who has taken time out of your day to pick up the phone (a kind gesture or convenient and selfish channel of communication? Discuss.) to call me on the telephone. So my phone rings, and I watch it ring. I sit in an office with eight other people. I know you want to chat and I really want to chat too. Well kind of want to at least. But I can’t. It’s not that I’m in a meeting or on a call even. It’s a combination of ‘I’m in the middle of something I’m reading or thinking about’, and ‘I probably don’t want to chat with you in front of my colleagues or right now’. And there are no free meeting rooms to escape into. So I miss your call. Then I spend …

Little Red Flame

The little red flame beckons you, like a promising rose doomed to wilt, alluring in its symbology and the tacky veneer of potential. The little red flame brightens, and you’re reminded of a moth. Quickly you swat the thought away, and grinning in anticipation, tap the app to life. You look once over your shoulder, twice, then three times. You start to relax.