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Day 23: Reset

Yin Yoga with Vanessa @ 12:00pm – 1:00pm @ Urban Yoga – Business Bay

The perfect class for the over-worked, the over-stimulated, the over-stressed and the over-tired. Restorative yoga helps move and shape the body using carefully supported positions and movements with long holds. Each posture is held for 5 minutes or more! Leave feeling rested and more centered. Perfect as a complement in your regular practice, on days that you’re more tired or for those that are looking for a more restful and recuperative practice.

Journal entry

Midday yoga is new to me, having only practiced in the mornings and evenings. On Day 23, it’s the perfect reset I need.

Having woken up on the proverbial wrong side of bed, I’m anxious to “restart my day”, a concept I hacked together in my freshman year at university in Montreal.

When things aren’t going in your favour, don’t write off the day, just restart it instead!

Driven by kernels of cautious optimism, I make my way to yin practice with Vanessa. Coincidentally, I am reminded of university as I settle in on the mat and Vanessa tell us that today’s practice will be enhanced by mantras which she will share with us as we get into each pose. I’m ready to learn, and take mental notes.

Breathing in and out, I’m ready for a different kind of meditation.

While she shared three more, these are the ones that really stick with me, in the paraphrased wording I make my own…


I make plans but I am flexible; open to the surprises of the universe


I cultivate patience, and in doing so, I cultivate self confidence


I step outside of my comfort zone, and embrace the opportunity to learn something new


As I walk back to the car, I feel lighter, more focused and less anxious; not necessarily looking forward to the day ahead, but not dreading it either. It feels manageable; doable. And that’s a start.

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