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Day 20: Time heals all wounds

Urban Flow with Liberty @ 11:00am – 12:15pm @ Urban Yoga – Business Bay

Movement and transitions are the key differentiator in a flow class. A flow class uses a sequence of traditional yoga postures, linking the postures by transitioning movement and breath into a flowing sequence. While you hold some postures longer than others, in a flow class, you generally just keep moving & breathing.

Journal entry

It’s a big milestone, Day 20, and my 18th practice in this challenge.

Liberty is back, and her wrist still broken and healing. I almost want to reach out to her and say, I understand, it takes time, nothing heals over night. The metaphor is overwhelming and her bright pink cast is a twofold reminder throughout my practice:


Never underestimate what life will throw at you. It’s not what happens to you that determines who you are, but how you react to what happens to you.


All healing takes time, some wounds and breaks require more than others, but all require more than you think

My practice is is strong, invigorating and confident. I move with optimistic breaths, truly grateful for what my body allows me to do on the mat, and off the mat. I dedicate 100% of me to my practice today, and with no work calls, emails or Whatsapps to distract me and excite my monkey mind, I find myself in a moving meditation and feeling really really good.

As I take a few breaths in down dog, breathing in and out diligently to make sure my shoulders last a few breaths longer, Liberty invites us to take Child’s pose.

“You think I can’t stay in down dog?” I think to myself, and as if she has heard me, Liberty says,

“It’s not a competition, taking Child’s pose is merely allowing your body a moment to rest. We are all meeting there anyway. There is no prize for the last one in down dog.”

What a sobering reminder of what the truth of yoga really is. Being honest about and with your body, and remembering that the yogi’s path is (much like Bitcoin), erratic but always on an upward trend.

A step back, a step forward.

A moment to breathe, a moment to rest.

It all gets us there in the end.

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