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Day 12: Rest

Journal entry

And on the 12th day, I rest. No down-dogs for me today. Here’s a little note on why rest days are so important to one’s yoga practice.

So since there’s no yoga practice journal entry today, I want to use this opportunity to return to a concept I love: that of what you feed your mind being as important as what you feed your body.

I came across the Kind World podcast from WBUR quite recently, and the pocket-sized episodes, anywhere between 5-8 minutes apiece, have truly affected me in a way I never expected them to. I am often on the verge of tears listening to the stories (and I’m not a crier by any means), focused solely on kindness, whether from someone close or a total stranger, and told first hand.

They are raw, vulnerable and truly amazing. Reminiscent of Modern Love, another favourite podcast and NY Times column, and Dear Sugars, also from WBUR, it carries wonderful unique stories that stay with you and come back to you when you least expect but completely need, like gospel; but there’s something truly unique about the brevity and raw directness of Kind World stories that is truly core-wrenching.

The episodes I listen to scattered throughout my days have become the most nutritious kind of brain and soul food. They show, not tell, what kindness really is, and teach by example. Kindness takes centre stage, becoming the virtue my mind is fed, day after day, week after week.

Kindness takes many forms; towards loved ones is one thing, but towards total strangers is another. Towards someone you dislike is something completely else; and towards ourselves is where we often struggle the most.

I don’t have the answers, there is no manual to kindness. Like authenticity, it’s a practice. What I do have something you can snack on in the meantime… put your headphones in and grab the tissue box.

The Secret Sisters

The Boy with the Long Lashes

When the Sun Comes Out

The Portrait

The Little Giant

So Chocolate Bar

And once you’re done, listen to all the others.

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