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Day 6: Intention

Urban Flow with Liberty @ 11:00am – 12:15pm @ Urban Yoga – Business Bay

Movement and transitions are the key differentiator in a flow class. A flow class uses a sequence of traditional yoga postures, linking the postures by transitioning movement and breath into a flowing sequence. While you hold some postures longer than others, in a flow class, you generally just keep moving & breathing.

Journal entry

On Day 6 I start to get it. I feel strong, I feel confident and I get why it becomes a lifestyle. I get how yoga can be addictive.

In down-dog my hamstrings feel looser, my shoulders feel stronger, and my mind is more determined than it has been all week. I get my feet flat on the ground in malasana. I flow a bit better through my asanas. My chaturanga is more solid, and I can feel my core doing some actual work, instead of being its usual lazy self. Progress is addictive, and the feeling I get transitioning into a pose I thought was out of reach reminds me of beating my last grade on a test in school. It was never being better than the other people in my class; but rather about how much better I am today than I was yesterday.

Liberty takes a moment to open the class with some words on setting an intention for our practices.

“Intention is why you’re here. It’s why you got yourself out of bed this morning and brought yourself to the mat.”

I think about this and have an aha moment. I had always considered an intention the verbalisation of what I want to get out of my practice once I’m on the mat, but had never considered the subtlety in the question which asks the bigger question: Why are you even here to begin with? Why did you come today, and what were you hoping to get out of it when you chose to spend your time in this way?

My intentions are crystal clear, and have been for some time. My daily mantras (I call them my “Do” mantras) rush into my mind space, and take refuge there for the rest of my practice…

1 – When in doubt, do

2 – Do things for you

3 – Do the things you say you’re going to do


It’s my last practice with Liberty before she disappears on holiday to somewhere colder and rainier for 2 weeks. Towards the end of our practice, she says something that strikes a chord.

Your best is enough.

At that moment, her words feel like a hug from an old friend; permission to be as I am and celebrate my Best, and this is exactly what I need to hear.


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