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Day 2: Moving meditation

Flow then Stretch with Sara @ 7:30pm – 8:45pm @ Urban Yoga – Business Bay

A perfect way to wind down a full day. In this class, you’ll be guided through a strong flow where you’ll warm up, release the tensions of the day and prepare for some more soothing, calming down-time to finish your class. The class will have two clear parts, working on the fundamental poses and flows of an Urban Flow class in the first half, and adding a more restorative touch to finish your practice and leave you feeling calmer and more balanced.

Journal entry 

Third time’s the charm. I make it to the mat. By the skin of my teeth, but still.

I make it to the mat, which is 90% of the challenge, as I learn the hard way today. Before I have time to think that much, we’ve taken our first breaths and I’m in the first downward-dog of this challenge.

“Like home, always familiar,” Sara says.

The class takes place in two-parts; the first is a yang practice (high energy), and the second a yin practice (low energy). During the first 35 minutes of movement and sweat, I notice that today’s practice is in complete opposition to the day before. Today’s practice is all body, no mind. Sara says the words “moving meditation” and that’s exactly how I feel. With complete focus on my breath and the rapid posture transitions, there is no time at all to think, and it’s the most liberating feeling.

I put thinking on the back-burner, to make way for moving.

Later I liken it to the moving meditation I experience when I bake a complicated recipe or reorganise my closet, but x100. I feel stronger than I expected and it’s the complete focus on my breath that gives me the stream of energy I need to move through my vinyasas.

It’s the first time I practice with Sara, and she is precisely what I need. Though she has eluded me twice earlier that day, I’m grateful that she is there, and her voice becomes the friend I have been looking for all day. She’s encouraging, but funny as well, and as with Liberty the night before, I transform her words into my own mantras, taking me through my yin practice and to the end of the class.

As I walk to the car, my muscles oozing joy and every ligament happy, my mind is a lighter place.


This is your time; you don’t have to give it to anyone.


Commit to your body and give it the attention it deserves.


The secret to finding balance is to be comfortable with falling


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