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Girl: Uninterrupted

A-Coterie is the answer to the unanswered existential questions that hit you at 4am on a Tuesday morning, or while you stand idly in the queue at the grocery store.

A-Coterie longs to fill a void manifested as ennui; a restlessness that seems unfounded yet very real.

A-Coterie endeavours to inform without imposing, and pay it forward without preaching.

A-Coterie embraces the uncommon wealth of a common experience.


A-Coterie is a growing collection of columns, whose storytellers are women with a voice and a story to share.

Stories that inspire and entertain, educate and unite.

Though tied together by a shared familiarity, the stories themselves are not about what it means to be a woman, but simply what it means to be.

Existential crises are not foreign to me.

Having found an outlet in storytellers, my desire to build a legacy extends beyond the biological, and following in the footsteps of the Austens, Woolfs, Alcotts and Brontës, I have chosen to pursue the preservation of my legacy through literature.SERENE_WesAnderson_lydiamag.com

This first post was inspired by a man’s vision: the films of Wes Anderson.

A movie director by profession, a visual artist by passion, his female characters express the paradoxes of strength and vulnerability, stubbornness and insecurity, intelligence and self-doubt.

Wes treats his male and female characters equally, lending them an endearing voice and at times, a flawed existence.SERENE_WesAnderson_pinterest.com

Join us as we leap into this experiment to share our stories in a new era of storytelling.

Follow us on Instagram and meet A-Coterie’s storytellers.

Want to tell your story with A-Coterie? Drop me a note.

Thank you always for your attention, time, and interest in our stories.




Serene Touma is chief storyteller, and founder of A-Coterie, inspired by the wonderful stories and experiences of the wonderful, smart, paradoxical, opinionated, loyal, intriguing, free-spirited, driven, and inspiring women around her.



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